Thursday, July 29, 2010

Red Heat (1988)

"Chinese find way. Right after revolution, they round up all the drug dealers, all drug addicts, take them to public square, and shoot them in back of head"- " Ah, it'd never work here. Fucking politicians wouldn't go for it" - " Shoot them first"

Oh Ah-Nuld. Quick breakdown: Bad Soviet vs. Good Solviet. Bad guy gets away and flees to Chicago. Bad guy caught in Chicago by local police. Good Solviet sent to pick him up. Bad Soviet escapes. Good Soviet assisted by Funny Cop try to track down Bad Soviet. Imagine Arnold in full "Terminator" mode with a really bad Russian accent. Imagine Peter Boyle (television's Everybody Loves Raymond - he plays Ray's Dad) as the Chief of Police, along with Jim Belushi playing, well, Jim Belushi. Add in some eye candy of a young twenty-something Gina Gershon, Laurence Fishurne when he went by Larry. It is straight 80's, from Arnold's kid-in-play hair to the mullets all the bad guys have. The handguns sound like shotguns, the shotguns sound like AK47's, and the punches sound like trees falling. This is probably the worst Arnold movie from the 80's I have ever seen. But on the brightside there is tons of great Arnold one-liners and as I mentioned before with a REALLY bad Russian accent. So that made it worth watching. 1/5 -tom

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