Monday, July 26, 2010

80s Action Week

Alright, so 80s Action Week is now in full swing. One note before I go on, you'll see that the first two reviews are up, "First Blood" and "Black Rain" but they appear AFTER "Session 9." "Session 9" was posted yesterday while "First Blood" and "Black Rain" were drafted slightly earlier in the day but were not 'posted' until today which is why they appear before "Session 9". With this confusion over with, let us move on. Originally the idea was to do a whole bunch of 80s Action Movie reviews all week long, but the truth is my partner here knows a lot more about them and has seen many more than I have. We were intentionally leaving Sci-Fi films from the 80s out of this group so we could do a week just on them later but I'm thinking now we may have to include some Sci-Fi/Action films ("The Terminator", "Predator", etc.) to fill out the week. Anyhow, comment and give us your thoughts; let us know what your favorite 80s Action Films are!!! -andy

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