Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Prayer for the Dying (1987)

"I'm not asking anybody for forgiveness, I know what I've done"

IRA terrorist Martin Fallon (Mickey Rourke) leaves a life of killing behind after accidentally blowing up a school bus full of children. He flees and is pursued by not only his government but his fellow commrade Liam (Liam Neeson). Fallon, trying to find away to be free of a life of bloodshed, is offered a deal by Dandy Jack Meehan (Alan Bates) who I could only presume is a crime boss/coroner and agrees for one more killing. In return he will recieve $50,000 and a passport to the states. The killing is to take place in a cemetary and the target is a rival crime boss. Fallon finds his target kneeling at the gravesite of his beloved wife and follows through with the deal, but to his suprise he is witnessed by Catholic Priest Father DaCosta (Bob Hoskins). Fallon spares his life and rumor of the witness gets back to Meehan who then hunts the priest down and finds he is protected by Fallon. Now taking in the fact that this movie was made in 1987 and that the only relative well known star at the time was Hoskins, the story is suprisingly good even with its religious overtones. With a haunting musical score by Bill Conti (The Karate Kid, Rocky, The Devil's Own), and very sound performances by Rourke and Bates, I couldnt help but enjoy watching this. My only problem with this movie was it was a little to long for what they were trying to get across and dragged trying to build up unneeded plot points. I wish this was remade now with the same casting and a little bigger budget because I love this story so much. I only recommend this movie to those wishing to see Mickey Rourke when he first came to the limelight as an action star, but if it is remade then line up in droves if Rourke is playing the part of Fallon again. 2/5 -tom

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