Saturday, July 24, 2010

Remember Me (2010)

"You can't smoke in here!"-"Why do you have an ashtray then?"-"Its a bowl"- "Guess it was just there to tease me"

Forget Robert Pattinson the vampire for one minute. He is a good actor in this and I hope he does not get typecast as a bloodsucker. In this he plays Tyler, an angry and rebellious young man growing up in New York. With his older brother commiting suicide a few years back Tyler is confused about life and shares a very disfunctional relationship with his father played by Pierce Brosnan, who is more consumed with work than his family. Tyler's only comfort is protecting his younger sister from the father who abandoned her and the girls at school that make fun of her. Through a series of events he meets a young woman played by Emilie De Ravin , and the two fall in love, but not by accident. Her father, played by the always great Chris Cooper, does not approve and will do anything to get his daughter away from Tyler. For me the most shocking parts of this movie are the begining and the end. Especially the end where the camera pulls away. Watch to find out. It is an emotional rollercoaster and one that is sure to shock. I invested two hours with these characters and believed every second. With and excellent screenplay by Will Fetters and a wonderful directing job by Allen Coulter "Remember Me" is one of the finest films of 2010. 4/5 -tom

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