Saturday, July 31, 2010

Highlander (1986)

"There can be only one!"

"Highlander" came out in the middle of a decade where every action film was about bad ass cops or ex-military types who were getting revenge and killing anything that moved. "Highlander" without a doubt is one of the most original and best films to be released throughout the entire decade. A spectacular movie with great action, a real heart and wonderful characters. You may be familiar with it already, but for those of you who are not allow me to enlighten you. Christopher Lambert stars as Connor MacLeod who has been alive for about 400 years. As a member of the Clan MacLeod in the Highlands of Scotland, Connor was originally killed in battle by the Kurgan (Clancy Brown) who is the toughest of all immortals. Connor heals and is banished from his village for being in league with Lucifer after his miraculous survival. Five years later he has a new life and woman when he meets Ramirez (played with delight by the one and only James Bond, Sean Connery). Ramirez has sought out MacLeod and teaches him about being immortal and on how to fight. He reveals to MacLeod that to kill an immortal means you have to cut off their head, but you all probably knew that by now, right? Years of movies about creatures and others who cannot be killed except for separating the brain from the body have been permeating cinema a long time now and are quite commonplace. In 1986 however, it was still really cool.

Fast forward to 1985 when Connor, going under the assumed name 'Russell Nash' is the owner of an Antiquities business where he showcases and sells various items he has collected throughout his long life. Connor kills another immortal in the parking garage of Madison Square Garden where he is arrested speeding away and is interrogated by the police. He is released but curious Forensic technician Brenda becomes as interested in him, as Connor is in her. Soon the Kurgan arrives in New York where all the immortals have come for 'The Gathering', a time when the few immortals that are left will battle until there can be only one and he will receive the prize. What is the prize? Well, even I'm not 100% clear on that but you'll have to watch it and see for yourself.

I could go on about "Highlander" forever. While it's not without its 80s corniness so prevalent in films from throughout the decade, it never exhibits ANY of its pesky cliches. The soundtrack from Queen is far better than the average Techno / Hair Band score we usually hear in these films and as I said in the beginning it stays away from the whole military, cop 80s Action trap. I almost didn't want to review it during 80s Action week because it is so unlike any other 80s Action film but I found it hard to classify as anything else except for maybe fantasy. Probably my favorite thing, though small and seemingly insignificant, is the relationship Connor has with his secretary Rachel - a young girl he rescued during World War 2, now older than him in appearance only. It is really quite touching and lends something to the film beyond just action. "Highlander" spawned 3 film sequels, a TV series and a couple of terrible SyFy channel movies. Its too bad none were nearly as good and muddied what started out as a wonderful story. Not A perfect film but very close. 4.5/5 -andy

Friday, July 30, 2010

Bloodsport (1988)

"Very Good. But brick not hit back!"

Well here we are again with another timeless Van Damme classic. "Bloodsport" plays out much like a live action version of a Street Fighter video game, even more so than Van Damme's own Street Fighter adaptation in 1994. American martial artist Frank Dux (pronounced "Dukes", an actual person as it turns out) who is also a military man, travels to Asia to compete in a Kumite tournament against the Army's wishes. Frank does so to make his master Tanaka proud and to prove he is the best. The military sends two men to bring Frank back to America in one piece, one of whom is played by Forrest Whitaker. The rest is pretty predictable. Frank meets a fellow American in the form of loud-mouthed Ray Jackson and is sweet on reporter Janice Kent, who is set on getting into the Kumite so she can do a story on it. The enemy in this is Chong Li, reigning Kumite champion. That's all I'll tell you for the sake of not giving everything away, however, should you see the film you'll find it pretty easy to figure out long before its over.

"Bloodsport" doesn't tread any new ground whatsoever, but it is definitely one of Van Damme's best. As usual his martial arts are top-notch, and this time the character's stand out much better than in "Kickboxer". The dialog is lame and the acting is pretty stiff but I found "Bloodsport" very entertaining through all of its drawbacks. Van Damme is especially at home in a story about a martial arts tournament. It is also my understanding that the real Frank Dux choreographed the fights in the film and trained Van Damme himself. Its old and a little aged, but if the martial arts section of 80s Action films are your thing, you'll enjoy "Bloodsport". 3/5 -andy

Lock Up (1989)

"Nothings dead until its buried"

Frank Leone (Stallone) was sent to prison for going after the men who killed his longtime friend and mentor when the police and prosecutors did nothing. He accepts what he has done and accepts the consequences and is sent to a minimum security facility where he is a model inmate. Having served four and a half years with only six months left on his term Leone is low key just biding his time until release. Then suddenly he is taken from his bed in the middle of the night and transferred to a maximum security prison upstate courtesy of Warden Drumgoole (Donald Sutherland), who Leone has a certain history with. Drumgoole wants one thing and one thing only...revenge, and will do anything in his power to make Leone's stay at his facility a waking nightmare. He is beaten, placed in segregation, and refused the right to see his girlfriend. Chink (Sonny Landham), the worst and meanest inmate in the prison along with countless guards, are under the control of the warden and all try to break Leone.

While this is one of Stallone's better movies outside of the "Rocky" and "Rambo" series', it falls apart at the end. For the most part however, it was one of the better prison movies I've seen. Stallone and Sutherland work great as hero vs. villain. Its a decent movie, but like I said, the last fifteen minutes or so just didn't do it justice. 2.5/5 -tom

Lethal Weapon 2 (1989)

"But... your ble'ck"

Picking up a few years after the first, we find Riggs (Mel Gibson) and Murtaugh (Danny Glover) still together this time on the trail of South African currency called Krugerrand which is coming into LA illegally and being used for the trade and distribution of drugs. Riggs and Murtaugh are sent to protect a witness Leo Getz (Joe Pesci) who has information on the case, but after an attempted assassination on him he now must go with them on the hunt for whoever is responsible. The three follow the trail to Arjen Rudd (Joss Ackland) and his South African henchmen who are hiding behind diplomatic immunity, which as Rudd describes "my dear officer, you couldnt even give me a parking ticket". Riggs soon finds out that not only are these men in the country conducting illegal activities but one of them is involved in what was supposedly the accidental death of his wife.

"Lethal Weapon 2" is a little more upbeat than the original with comedy relief from Pesci escpecially in the South African consulant where he tries to get Murtaugh a visa back to Africa. Gibson and Glover once again shine and are a treat together. Joss Ackland brings to the table a kind of 'James Bond' type villian, and my personal favorite of the four films, with his venomous lead henchman Pieter Vorstedt (Derrick O'Connor) tempting Riggs with stories of how his wife died. "Lethal Weapon 2" is a film that shouldn't be missed and is a good example of great movie sequels. 4.5/5 -tom

Lethal Weapon (1987)

"I'm still here asshole, or do you only shoot kids!"

Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson) is an LAPD cop struggling to make it through everyday. After losing his wife Victoria in tragic car accident, Riggs is obsessed with death and even contemplates taking his own life. He is considered by the department as a "Lethal Weapon". Roger Murtaugh (Danny Glover) is also a cop who is on the verge of retirement, father of three, and married happily. Given Rigg's recent behavior their captain decides to make them partners giving Murtaugh the job of watching over Riggs. The two are investigating a suspicious suicide of the daughter of one of Murtaugh's Vietnam buddies which leads them to a unit of former soldiers, now guns for hire, sneaking drugs into the country.The main villains, The General (Mitchell Ryan) and Joshua (Gary Busey), attempt to keep the new duo off their backs even if it means going after their families.

With excellent action, a strong storyline, good characters, and great acting by all, you cant help but to have a good time. Mel Gibson and Danny Glover are perfectly cast creating one of the most memorable duos in movie history. The two work great together and have some hilarious moments. Director Richard Donner spawned three other just as good sequels. Over twenty years later this film never gets old. This is what you want from an action movie and should be an example for all. It is 80s, it is kick-ass, it is "Lethal Weapon". 5/5 -tom


Not much to add this except to say that Tom is right on the money. "Lethal Weapon" is a ton of fun and one of the few cases where all the sequels are nearly as good as the original. Don't let Mel Gibson's current insane behavior deter you from this awesome 80s Action movie. 5/5 -andy

Big Trouble in Little China (1986)

"I'm a reasonable guy, but Ive just experienced some of unreasonable things"

Jack Burton (Kurt Russell) is a truck driver making his way through San Fransisco when he stumbles on a war between rival Chinese gods. The gods are after a rare Chinese woman with green eyes. Burton must help protect the woman and destroy the gods by whatever means necessary.

There really is no way to describe this movie and have it make any bit of sense. From the mind of John Carpenter (Escape from New York and Halloween), this is a action/sci-fi adventure littered with everything 80s. Russell character is so over the top with his John Wayne monotone but creates a character you cant help but follow even if its to hell and back. Russell carries this movie and is at times quite funny, but it cant save this film. How this movie escaped my childhood is beyond me. I'm sure as a kid I would have enjoyed it more. But for the most part it is a "yeah I've seen it" kinda movie and I wouldn't recommend it unless you like this sorta thing. 1/5 -tom


Well, I knew it was gonna happen eventually folks...Tom and I disagree on this one BIG TIME. In fact, its too bad that my friend here doesn't like good movies because I think he would've felt differently about "Big Trouble In Little China" if he did. What Tom doesn't tell you was that this movie is always a little bit tongue-in-cheek and has a very intentional goofy tone to it. In fact, I don't really know anybody that doesn't like it. Most of my family (parents and in-laws) have told me that it's one of their fav's from the decade. Kurt Russell's character isn't really the hero type in this film and that's the whole point of it...much like Adrian Brody in Peter Jackson's "King Kong" he is somebody who takes up the mantle of hero though they've never desired the role. I urge you to see it for yourself and disregard Tom's review. Tom - this means war!!! 5/5 -andy

Cobra (1986)

"This is where the law stops and I begin!"

Once again we have another 80s Action film that adheres to every possible cliche and convention that it could possibly adhere too. Much like "Commando", "Cobra" is a bad, bad movie when looked at against all of cinema and many of its classics; however, as a Stallone film it kicked ass. What else can I say? Stallone is Marion Cabretti (aka Cobra) and is, yup, you guessed it...the top cop in the city. Cobra is a member of the 'zombie squad', a group of officers that other police call on to do the tough jobs (I thought that was the SWAT team?). When a rash of serial killings begins to plague the city, Cobra is called on to do "what he does best". The killings are being committed by not just one person but by a whole (biker?) gang of crazies who kill with knives, axes and claw hammers. Brigitte Nielsen stars as a woman who accidentally witness the group during a killing and is now on the run for her life.

Watching "Cobra" is kind of like playing a video game with god mode, unlimited ammo and one-hit kill codes on. You never fear anything will ever happen to Stallone and you know he is going to kill any body he fires at weapon at with as few bullets as possible. While not as wholly ridiculous as "Commando" it is so freaking unbelievable you'll occasionally laugh til you cry. If you're a Stallone fan or you love these types of cliched 80s Action films then you'll be in testosterone heaven but if you're looking for something deeper you may want to pass. I have to say, I found myself really having fun watching this despite its shortcomings so it gets bumped up a half a point for its pure entertainment value. 2.5/5 -andy

Thursday, July 29, 2010

On A Side Note...KC Studios

Ok, so I'm gonna take a small break from 80s Action Week to tell you about something I think is really cool. My friend and his buddies have this podcast called "KC Studios". They talk about anything and everything, including but not limited to video games, movies, television, sports and even Nascar. What's so great about their podcast is that they're just regular guys like us. When we started this blog we did so with the intent of being more professional than the average joe but more average joe than the professionals. I know we'd like to believe you can have fun having an easy read with one of our reviews. That's what KC Studios is like, except you can actually hear them talk instead of just reading their words. Nobody's opinion gets trampled on and man, it really is a good time to hear normal everyday guys talking about what we actually care to hear about and not just reporting what they think we want to hear.

I encourage you to check it out and support them as you continue to support us! Thanks! -andy

Kickboxer (1989)

" I want Tong Po! Give me Tong Po! "

Oh, Van Damme, how you filled my youth with your martial arts movies. Because of you I took Karate lessons for a year or so when I was in Elementary school. I wonder how many times has your thick-as-mud French accent been passed off as American? Ah, The memories. "Kickboxer" came out in 1989 but it looks like it came out in 1979. It doesn't hold up well visually and Van Damme's acting is as stiff and hard as his ridiculously chiseled physique. The Martial Arts film has its own little niche in 80s Action films and this is where Jean Claude Van Damme made himself a star. There is little difference between this or many more of his own films and others. The story follows Kurt (Van Damme) and his Kickboxing champion older brother Eric as they travel to Thailand to compete against Thailand's greatest, Tong Po. Eric is cocky and convinced he will win. Kurt tries to change his mind to no avail. Eric is promptly defeated and paralyzed from the waist down due to a final elbow to the back by Tong Po. Kurt vows revenge (who didn't see that coming?) and is introduced to Xian Chow by Winston (the former military man who drove Kurt and Eric to the hospital after the fight). Xian Chow trains Kurt in Muay Thai Kickboxing in a fashion not unlike Mr. Miyagi trains Daniel-san in "Karate Kid". That's pretty much the extent of the plot.

I didn't hate "Kickboxer" but I didn't really like it much either. I loved Van Damme movies when I was young but I hadn't seen one in nearly 20 years. The martial arts are good and Van Damme, as with other 80s Action stars during the decade, is in his prime but the dialog is terrible, the characters are goofy, underdeveloped and not very believable. For hardcore Van Damme fans only. Skip on this and instead see "Best of the Best." 1/5 -andy

Rambo 3 (1988)

"Who are you."- "Your worst nightmare."

In the third part of the Rambo quadrilogy we find our hero at a Buddhist monastery living a life of peace and serenity, closed off from the outside world for several years . Once again Rambo is met by Colonel Trautman (Richard Crenna) with an offer to assist him and a crew of soldiers in aiding relief in Afghanistan from a Russian dictator. Rambo denies and the colonel and his crew go into Afghanistan and are captured by the Russians and labeled as spies and held as POWS. Now in the past Rambo has been saved by the colonel numerous times, now the role is reversed, Rambo has no choice but to do what he does best... become war. He travels to Afghanistan and is aided by locals in the search and capture of his missing friend.

While "Rambo III" is the weakest of the four films it is still an outstanding action film. It is a story of two friends and the lengths they will go to save one another. The main villain is a little corny but most are in this genre. It was nice to see the roles reversed between Stallone and Crenna and the two played well together. "Rambo III" is full of outrageous stunts, explosions, and dialog. But all and all a memorable action film. I will leave "Rambo", the fourth film in the series to Andy. I cannot wait for that review either. I hope he is as impressed with it as much as I was. So on that note "Rambo III"... worth watching. 3/5 -tom


I just finished watching "Rambo 3" for the first time ever so I thought I'd pop on here give a couple of brief thoughts. For me, this was the most enjoyable Rambo film yet. Sure, it was pretty unbelievable but no more unbelievable than any other Rambo film or Ah-nuld movie from the 80s. It had twice as much action as "Rambo: First Blood Pt. 2", it moved along at a much better pace and there were tons of really cool explosions and kills. The reversal of Trautman and Rambo's roles in this one, I thought, made things really interesting and changed the dynamic to just the right degree. 3.5/5 -andy

Commando (1985)

"I eat Green Berets for Breakfast...and right now I'm very hungry!"

Like Tom's review for "Red Heat" this will be relatively brief. If you've ever seen a parody of 80s Action, namely "Hot Shots" and a few others like it, then you've seen "Commando". It is every Military-Infused Action cliche rolled into one movie. I'm at a loss how to review it, though. Taken on its merits as a part of American Cinema it is a joke but I can't tell you how much fun I had watching it. There were more one liner's than you could count and they were all gold!! The villain had an awful fake accent and Arnold's former pal turned bad guy Bennet, well, he could have been in the Village People. The guns are huge and loud and in the climax of the film, Ah-nuld is carrying so many guns they are literally hanging off of him. All Ah-nuld has to do is pull the trigger and wave his massive gun from left to right and bad guys just fall down...oh my god, it was 80s Action Movie cheese at its best. I won't say much about the story because honestly there isn't much to say. Ah-nuld is John Matrix, yes you read that correcty, John Matrix. He is a retired Army commando who lives with his daughter in the mountains of Northern California. Ah-nuld's former commando teammates start getting picked off so his former commanding officer visits to warn that he may be next. Immediately following the Generals departure Ah-nuld is attacked, his daughter is kidnapped and he is forced to go on one last mission but this time for the bad guys. Let's just say it doesn't turn out too well for them.

I said in my second opinion to Tom's "Rambo: First Blood pt. 2" review that IT was the epitome of 80s Action but I was wrong, "Commando" is what people think of when they remember 80s Action: Unrelenting, unrealistic, full of machismo, death, violence, gore, infinite bullets and Ah-nuld. Loved it. 3.5/5 -andy

Red Heat (1988)

"Chinese find way. Right after revolution, they round up all the drug dealers, all drug addicts, take them to public square, and shoot them in back of head"- " Ah, it'd never work here. Fucking politicians wouldn't go for it" - " Shoot them first"

Oh Ah-Nuld. Quick breakdown: Bad Soviet vs. Good Solviet. Bad guy gets away and flees to Chicago. Bad guy caught in Chicago by local police. Good Solviet sent to pick him up. Bad Soviet escapes. Good Soviet assisted by Funny Cop try to track down Bad Soviet. Imagine Arnold in full "Terminator" mode with a really bad Russian accent. Imagine Peter Boyle (television's Everybody Loves Raymond - he plays Ray's Dad) as the Chief of Police, along with Jim Belushi playing, well, Jim Belushi. Add in some eye candy of a young twenty-something Gina Gershon, Laurence Fishurne when he went by Larry. It is straight 80's, from Arnold's kid-in-play hair to the mullets all the bad guys have. The handguns sound like shotguns, the shotguns sound like AK47's, and the punches sound like trees falling. This is probably the worst Arnold movie from the 80's I have ever seen. But on the brightside there is tons of great Arnold one-liners and as I mentioned before with a REALLY bad Russian accent. So that made it worth watching. 1/5 -tom

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Prayer for the Dying (1987)

"I'm not asking anybody for forgiveness, I know what I've done"

IRA terrorist Martin Fallon (Mickey Rourke) leaves a life of killing behind after accidentally blowing up a school bus full of children. He flees and is pursued by not only his government but his fellow commrade Liam (Liam Neeson). Fallon, trying to find away to be free of a life of bloodshed, is offered a deal by Dandy Jack Meehan (Alan Bates) who I could only presume is a crime boss/coroner and agrees for one more killing. In return he will recieve $50,000 and a passport to the states. The killing is to take place in a cemetary and the target is a rival crime boss. Fallon finds his target kneeling at the gravesite of his beloved wife and follows through with the deal, but to his suprise he is witnessed by Catholic Priest Father DaCosta (Bob Hoskins). Fallon spares his life and rumor of the witness gets back to Meehan who then hunts the priest down and finds he is protected by Fallon. Now taking in the fact that this movie was made in 1987 and that the only relative well known star at the time was Hoskins, the story is suprisingly good even with its religious overtones. With a haunting musical score by Bill Conti (The Karate Kid, Rocky, The Devil's Own), and very sound performances by Rourke and Bates, I couldnt help but enjoy watching this. My only problem with this movie was it was a little to long for what they were trying to get across and dragged trying to build up unneeded plot points. I wish this was remade now with the same casting and a little bigger budget because I love this story so much. I only recommend this movie to those wishing to see Mickey Rourke when he first came to the limelight as an action star, but if it is remade then line up in droves if Rourke is playing the part of Fallon again. 2/5 -tom

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Above The Law (1988)

"You guys think you're above the law... well you ain't above mine!"

In 1988 Steven Seagal made his film debut with "Above The Law". I was surprised to learn this because I always considered Seagal an 80s Action star but this was his only film to come out during the entire decade. Seagal is Nico Toscani, trained in Martial Arts, recruited into the CIA during the seventies. During his time in the CIA he is sent to Vietnam where he clashes with the methods of interrogator, Kurt Zagon (Henry Silva). After he leaves the CIA he comes home to Chicago, becomes a cop, gets married to Sharon Stone and has a baby. Nico is, as usual for the heroes in these films, the No. 1 cop but this is played much more quietly than it is in films like "Tango and Cash". He is reckless and doesn't often follow orders (again, another 80s Action cliche) but is extremely likable. The plot zooms all over the place and I only really got the gist of it by the time it was over. The bad guys were great bad guys who I really wanted to see get what they deserved (which they do!) but I didn't really understand their motivations most of the time. Some films can do jumpy plot lines well like "Memento" but only really when its jumpy nature is intentional to begin with. The inability to follow exactly who was bad and what was going on was really my only gripe with this movie. Seagal is in top form, looking great and kicking ass. This movie for me really stood the test of time when compared to some other 80s Action films. It's a shame that Seagal gets painted as some kind of goofball cause his earlier works are really quite entertaining.

There are other faces you'll recognize but may be unfamiliar with their names, as I am now writing this. This is probably the most serious of the 80s films I've looked at next to "Rambo: First Blood pt. 2" and definitely the most realistic and relevant. It is also lacking a large majority of the cliches typically found in these movies, which was really a delight. You won't find Seagal walking slowly away from large explosions and he doesn't hit every single person he fires a bullet at. If you can get over what the name Seagal means now, check out what it meant in 1988 when it was first unleashed upon the American movie going audience. On a side note, Seagal has a role in Robert Rodriguez' "Machete" coming out soon and I'm really hoping this could be a come back for the guy. 3.5/5 -andy

Tango And Cash (1989)

"Rambo is A pussy!"

In the 80s, Action movies had a few basic types of movies. The 'Buddy Cop' Action movie ("Lethal Weapon"), The Sci-Fi Action Movie ("Predator"), the Military-Infused Action movie ("Rambo: First Blood pt. 2), to name a few. The nice thing about "Tango and Cash" is that while it clearly exhibits multiple 80s Action movie cliches, it doesn't really fit into any one particular category; the closest obviously being "Buddy Cop". There is a somewhat self-referential humor thing going on here with mentions of both Rambo and Conan and it's fun to see Stallone play the more straight-laced cop of the two. The plot is nothing new by today's standards and by 1989 I'm sure it had been done a few times as well, but it's still a fun ride. Stallone is no. 1 cop Ray Tango from the West side of the city (or is it East? I don't think it matters...) and Russell is Gabriel Cash from the other side of the city. Cash is reckless but not as crazy as Gibson in "Lethal Weapon" and Tango is almost preppy with his meticulous wardrobe but both are good at getting the job done. The job, in this case, is busting up multiple drug and weapons rackets and in doing so have made themselves celebrities and heroes albeit separately. The bad guy, some sort of mobster I'm guessing, is played deliciously by Jack Palance. Palance here is pretty much the same character he played the year before in Tim Burton's "Batman". Palance and his cronies frame Tango and Cash for the murder of a Federal official. They both go to prison where half the inmates were put there by them and as you can imagine, things don't go so well for them in this corrupt institution. The rest is typical 80s stuff: Tango and Cash escape prison, get a bunch of guns that magically hit their targets EVERY TIME, and set out to clear their names.

If you're a fan of this sort of thing, then you'll love it. You have to know what you're in for when you sit down with ANY 80s Action movie. "Gone With The Wind" its not, but it's not trying to be, so why judge it by the same standards? Russell is the better actor here but Stallone holds his own. Teri Hatcher also stars as Stallone's sister and is candy for the eyes but that's about the only thing she brings to the table. A fun but slightly off kilter cop movie that moves along at nice steady pace. I liked it. 3/5 -andy

While I wont be so generous with the rating, I have to agree with Andy, it is what it is, which is an 80s popcorn action movie. It is nothing special and nothing original, but I like these two actors because they play off each other so well. You cant help but not to like these two characters. You also got a feeling that everyone in this movie had a fun time making it, including Palance as the devilish villian. It is your average run of the mill buddy-cop or anti-buddy-cop movie. If your a fan of Stallone or Russell you should see it.2.5/5- tom

Gizmo as John J. Rambo

Even Gizmo loves Rambo 2

Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985)

"Murdock, I'm coming to get you!"

So I gave Andy the go ahead to do a review on "Rambo:First Blood pt.2" but after recently watching "First Blood" I couldn't resist giving my opinion after watching pt.2 for the first time in over 15 years. Picking up a few years after the first we find Rambo in a prison workcamp serving his term. He is approached by Colonel Troutman (Richard Crenna reprising his role), who gives Rambo an offer to good too be true. Go back to Vietnam, locate and retrieve POW's, and you'll have a full presidential pardon waiting for you when you get home. Wanting redemption for the captured fellow soldiers and peace of mind Rambo agrees and is flown to Vietnam. There he meets Murdock (Charles Napier) he tells Rambo he will go into a possible POW camp and take pictures... nothing more. DO NOT ENGAGE THE ENEMY he says. Once there he finds multiple POW's and reports his findings back to base, where the mission is aborted by Murdock, leaving Rambo at the hands of not only the Vietnamese but their Russian allies. Its an all out war from then on. This is THE 80'S ACTION MOVIE OF THE DECADE. Hands down. I know I said that "First Blood" was my favorite of the four, but comparing "First Blood" to "Rambo: First Blood pt.2" is like comparing "Alien" to "Aliens". Both great movies, with pretty much the same core character, just with a little more fuel on the fire. Rambo is the American Solider, fighting because he loves his country, loves his fellow solider, and will do anything to protect them. Deep down this film is an American tribute to those fallen and forgotten. Gives me hope that there is a John Rambo out there somewhere helping his fellow solider out. I love this movie, even more so after waiting so many years to see it again. Surprisingly in watching the opening credits I saw that James Cameron (Terminator1+2, The Abyss, Aliens, Titanic, and most recently Avatar), who you all have to know by now, wrote the screenplay with Stallone. Guerrilla warfare at its finest, "Rambo: First Blood pt.2" is a treat for all action movie lovers. 4/5 -tom


So, since Tom swindled me out of this review after I sat through the whole thing tonight...(insert evil look here)...I see no reason to bore you all with another full review. Instead, I'm just gonna leave a few thoughts. Tom, you did a great job describing the plot, however, I didn't think quite as highly about it as you did. It is definitely the epitome of 80s Action. Like a lot of 80s Action films it has an exotic locale, a significant military presence, lots of guns and some real corny moments. The scene where Rambo's 'me love you long time' girlfriend gets shot in the jungle was probably real emotional 25 years ago, today though it seemed a little over the top. Don't get the wrong impression though, I did really REALLY have fun with this movie. It was a great sequel and the movie was a ton of fun, its just that watching John Rambo attempt to emote struck me as sort of funny. 3/5 -andy

Best of the Best (1989)

"There is a kind of inner strength you never know you have until it's all you have"

Alex Grady (Eric Roberts) is a single father working at an auto factory and barely getting by. The only thing that matters is taking care of his son Walter. Grady, a former Tae Kwon Do/ mixed martial artist receives an invitation to tryout for the US National Team. With support from his mother and son Grady decides to give it a try. Coach of the team, Frank Couzo (James Earl Jones), sees talent in Alex and accepts him after a series of rigourus competitions. Alex is joined on the team with four others, Tommy Lee (Phillip Rhee), Travis Brickley (the late Christopher Penn), Virgil Keller (John Dye), Sonny Grasso (David Agresta), and assistant coach/spiritual advisor Catherine Wade (Sally Kirkland). All members of the team are completely different and each brings his own style of fighting to the table. Couzo's motto is " A team is not a team unless you give a damn about one another!" Team USA is set to face Korea for the title, a group that has spent their entire lives training to fight. For being made in the 80's this is one of the best mixed martial arts movies ever. You can't help but to connect with these characters. Roberts giving the best performance of his career, comedy relief from Penn, and Rhee playing his part with such conviction and who is undeniably concerned about facing his opponent, Dae Han who had killed his brother in a previous competetion while he was a child. The story is uplifting, the acting is genuine, and one of the best action movies of the late 80's that will make make you want to stand up and cheer. 4/5 -tom

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160 Greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes

We're celebrating 80s Action Movies all week so I thought I'd leave you all this video of the 80s Action King, the Governator, Ah-nuld!! In all his one-liner glory!! -andy

The Running Man (1987)

"I'll live to see you eat that contract, but I hope you leave enough room for my fist because I'm going to ram it into your stomach and break your god-damn spine!"

So this wasn't on my initial list of movies to review this week, but the idea of leaving Sci-Fi out of 80s Action Week just didn't seem right in a decade where the two were associated so closely. For anybody who isn't in the know, "The Running Man" is based on a novel by Richard Bachman (AKA Stephen King) and it tells the story of a future obsessed with TV and Violence; an idea not so preposterous when you look at our own pop culture today. Our main character is Ben Richards (Arnold Schwarzenegger), who has been convicted after failing to follow an order that would require him to have killed innocent people. Ben is a difficult prisoner and tries to escape. After this failed attempt Ben and others are taken to participate on "The Running Man", a TV game show where prisoners fight for freedom...and their lives. Think "American Gladiators", but Nitro is firing real weapons at you instead of really heavy Nerf balls. The gladiators on this show are called things like 'Sub Zero' and 'Buzz Saw' and their outfits are as hokey as their names. Despite the large cheese factor from time to time, this movie really entertains. Often I think it gets lost in the dozens of Action and Sci-Fi films Ah-nuld did in the 80s and early 90s, but it's premise is original and ahead of its time. You'll see a few familiar faces including Jesse Ventura, Yaphet Kotto, Mick Fleetwood, Dweezil Zappa and former Family Fued Host, Richard Dawson.

Full of great Ah-nuld one liners and a great 80s Action movie that doesn't involve buddy cops or aliens, you really need to see this one. 4/5 -andy

80s Action Week

Alright, so 80s Action Week is now in full swing. One note before I go on, you'll see that the first two reviews are up, "First Blood" and "Black Rain" but they appear AFTER "Session 9." "Session 9" was posted yesterday while "First Blood" and "Black Rain" were drafted slightly earlier in the day but were not 'posted' until today which is why they appear before "Session 9". With this confusion over with, let us move on. Originally the idea was to do a whole bunch of 80s Action Movie reviews all week long, but the truth is my partner here knows a lot more about them and has seen many more than I have. We were intentionally leaving Sci-Fi films from the 80s out of this group so we could do a week just on them later but I'm thinking now we may have to include some Sci-Fi/Action films ("The Terminator", "Predator", etc.) to fill out the week. Anyhow, comment and give us your thoughts; let us know what your favorite 80s Action Films are!!! -andy

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Session 9 (2001)

"Satanic Ritual Abuse Syndrome. It was big in the '80s."

A lot of people who think they know everything about the horror genre are going to completely disagree with everything I'm about to say about this film. Others will just plain think this movie is boring. Still others won't ever even give it a chance because it went straight to video almost 10 years ago, before going straight to video wasn't as bad a thing. Well, you're truly missing out on one of the most creepy and unsettling experiences in horror cinema if you listen to anyone of those people. From Brad Anderson, who is quickly turning into the guy to watch in the horror/suspense genre these days, "Session 9" tells the story of a Hazmat crew cleaning the asbestos out of a condemned asylum. The best moments of this film follow the same formula that all the great films of the 70s followed: less is more. What you don't see can be and is often as scary as anything the filmmakers could show you. One scene in particular involves one of the Hazmat crew looking out the window of a cell, staring down into the yard at an empty gazebo. You never see anything...or do you? Its all about what your mind comes up with and you always feel as if something is just around the corner. The movie begins to progress faster when one of the men finds a series of tapes documenting various therapy sessions with a schizophrenic patient who also happens to have multiple personality disorder. As he goes from tape to tape, these various personalities manifest and allude to one very bad character who you will meet in the tape documenting session 9, hence the name of the film.

Some surprise performances come in the way of CSI Miami's David Caruso and rising star Josh Lucas. Paul Guilfoyle from CSI also makes an appearance near the beginning of the film. It has a sort of twist ending, which was all the rage 10 years ago, so that may turn you off. I assure you however, that this film's ending was satisfying and as good as the rest of the film and better than anything M. Night Shabadoo could come up with. While a little rough around the edges, it makes up for it with an amazing atmosphere and interesting setting. If you like original horror or Independent films that don't' disappoint, you owe it to yourself to pick up "Session 9". 4/5 -andy

Black Rain (1989)

" Something says we should cut our loses and let the locals handle it around here"

This is Ridley Scott's forgotten classic. Two NYPD cops Nick Conklin (Michael Douglas) and Charlie Vincent (a young Andy Garcia) witness the murder of a Japanese gang leader by Sato(Yusaku Matsuda II), a Yakuza from a rival gang. After a perilous pursuit through Chinatown Sato is captured and taken in. Orders are given for Conklin and his partner to return Sato back to Japan to face charges there. Upon arrival Sato is accidentally released to his own gang posing as police officers. Conklin and Vincent vow to recapture Sato by any means and end up in the middle of a currency war. With help from local police officer Masahiro Matsumoto (Ken Takakura), the three men set out across Tokyo to find the Sato. This is Ridley Scott at his best, the balance of light, the dark tones reminiscent of "Blade Runner", and the overall depths he captures with each character. He is the master of directing with strong performances given by all. The standout for me is Takakura trying to understand the American police, questioning their actions, and eventually forming a brotherhood. If your a fan of Ridley Scott, Michael Douglas, or great action movies with a beating heart at the core, "Black Rain" should satisfy. 4/5 -tom

First Blood (1982)

"God didn't make Rambo, I did"

"First Blood" after all these years still endures. It is a story of a Vietnam War Veteran and P.O.W. who returns home to a country that has deserted him. All of his friends are dead, the last from cancer caused by chemicals in the war. John Rambo was just a man minding his business walking through a small town. All he wanted was a place to rest his head and some food but the town's Sheriff Teasle, played by the sinister and menacing Brian Dennehy, will not stand for it. No drifters in his town. Stallone explains in the commentary that Dennehy's character was a Korean War Veteran, a war that wasn't much publicized and barely remembered although nearly 40, 000 lives were lost. The fact that a Vietnam Veteran was trying to drift through his town ate at his very core. Which is why in the scene with Stallone and Dennehy in the police cruiser show, there is no love lost. Rambo is later falsely arrested and mistreated which bring out the solider and animal instincts causing Rambo to snap and escape into the surrounding mountains. Teasle and his boys pursue and one by one picked off. Later we are introduced to the now late Richard Crenna as Colonel Trautman, Rambo's former commander, who tries to warn Teasel that what he is dealing with is a war machine. He is trained to kill and trained to survive. What I love most about this movie is the setting and tone. Here is a trained soldier cornered on a mountain top with two hundred plus men around him, its raining, he's hurt, cold and alone, but still manages to survive. Stallone's lines are few an far between which works good for the character because soldiers don't talk they think and do. They are always one step ahead of you. If there hadn't been three sequels, "First Blood" could have definitely stood on its own as a great war film, even if it was a private war. I'm glad they made them though because this character was too good not to follow. But "First Blood" will always be my favorite. 4/5 -tom

Fletch (1985)

"C'mon guys, it's all ball-barings now"

CRITIC'S PICK OF THE WEEK (Blast from the past)
"Fletch" is Chevy Chase at his best; the Chevy Chase we all know and love. He plays Fletch, a reporter who writes under the name, "Jane Doe", trying to undercover the source behind the drug trade and killings in LA. Chase brings to the camera more memorable characters than most do in a lifetime and all in one film!! .From Gordon Liddy the airplane repair man, to Harry S. Truman the life insurance salesman, and Dr. Cock-to-tson' with a hyphen. Fletch is offered $50,000 from a wealthy businessman who assumes Fletch is a bum on the beach. Kill me ,take the money and run, and dont come back for at least three years. But why? Fletch will find out. This is Chase's finest film in my opinion and one of the funniest movies ever. I love the character... well the character's he portrays. A sequel was made called "Fletch Lives", and while not as funny as the original still fun to watch. So if your in the mood for a comedy from the 80's "Fletch" is the ticket. 5/5 -tom

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Planet Terror (2007)

"Don't shoot yourself. Don't shoot each other. And especially... don't shoot me."

"Planet Terror". Wow, where do I start? I've been a fan of zombie movies for a long time. There's no denying that George A. Romero is the king, or at least used to be the king of that subgenre of horror films. In 2007, Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez released Grindhouse; a two part tribute to 70s grindhouse cinema. While Tarantino's "Death Proof" was supposed to be a slasher movie where the killer kills with his car instead of a knife, Rodriguez' effort proved far more entertaining in this gory, dirty and fun zombie film. The conventions are all there: a group of survivors and a few unlikely heroes try to survive a zombie apocalypse - except one of them has a machine gun leg and the other is Kyle Reese from "The Terminator". Like Romero's films, the zombies are a bad bunch, but regular humans are often just as violent, if not more so. It doesn't break any new ground but that was never the point. If you can imagine one of these low budget, gory 70s films with their over the top gore and bad dialog and then imagine that same scenario done inentionally with some slightly updated visuals and effects, then you have this movie. Not to be missed for fans of horror or zombie films. 4/5 -andy

Remember Me (2010)

"You can't smoke in here!"-"Why do you have an ashtray then?"-"Its a bowl"- "Guess it was just there to tease me"

Forget Robert Pattinson the vampire for one minute. He is a good actor in this and I hope he does not get typecast as a bloodsucker. In this he plays Tyler, an angry and rebellious young man growing up in New York. With his older brother commiting suicide a few years back Tyler is confused about life and shares a very disfunctional relationship with his father played by Pierce Brosnan, who is more consumed with work than his family. Tyler's only comfort is protecting his younger sister from the father who abandoned her and the girls at school that make fun of her. Through a series of events he meets a young woman played by Emilie De Ravin , and the two fall in love, but not by accident. Her father, played by the always great Chris Cooper, does not approve and will do anything to get his daughter away from Tyler. For me the most shocking parts of this movie are the begining and the end. Especially the end where the camera pulls away. Watch to find out. It is an emotional rollercoaster and one that is sure to shock. I invested two hours with these characters and believed every second. With and excellent screenplay by Will Fetters and a wonderful directing job by Allen Coulter "Remember Me" is one of the finest films of 2010. 4/5 -tom

A Nightmare On Elm Street (2010)

"Can you change the past? Can you bring the dead back to life? I didn't fuckin' think so!"

Love 'em or hate 'em, remakes are a major part of cinema right now and no more than in the horror genre. There are some films that many horror fans consider to be untouchable; films that should never be remade and amongst those I believe you'd find "A Nightmare On Elm Street". You could argue all day long about how Hollywood has no original ideas left and that this is why they have turned to rehashing older and often much better ideas or you could get over yourself and give these movies a chance. Not that they are all winners, some of them suck really, REALLY bad (I'm looking at you "The Fog") but some of them are down right awesome (2004's "Dawn of the Dead). By now, anyone familiar with the horror genre knows who Freddy Krueger is. He is as much an icon today as Dracula, Frankenstein or the Mummy. This time around, we get a vaguely familiar Freddy except with a little more detail on his history prior to becoming the cripsy critter we all know and love. Freddy was a groundskeeper/gardner at a local daycare, which rested innocently enough at the end of...yep, you guessed it, Elm St. Seems some of the kids accused Freddy of touching them in all the wrong places and the parents chased him down and burnt him alive. Now he haunts the dreams of the children of the parents responsible for his murder, picking them off one by one. Is Freddy guilty or was he falsley accused; the impressionable children coerced into telling a false truth. This is the crux of this new Nightmare and overall it works pretty well. You could probably guess how this ends and what the truth may or may not be but I won't ruin it for you here.

Despite some dumbed down dialog and cliched teen characters, the film mostly succeeds. The Freddy make up is awesome and crazy realistic and Jackie Earle Haley's performance as Krueger is the highlight of this film...even if he still sounds like Rorschach. 3/5 -andy

Grown Ups (2010)

"Dad did you make a sissy?"

Grown Ups is so much fun. Adam Sandler along with his comedy buddies reunite after years apart to attend the funeral for their beloved childhood basketball coach. All their families combined stay together in a cabin and the fun begins. There is no one funnyman or woman in this movie. The entire cast is hilarious. Dennis Dugan directs this who also directed "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" and "Big Daddy", two of my favorites. Sometimes they learn more about each other than they want, show off more than what they mean to, and say things they shouldnt - especially about Rob Scheinder's two hot and daughters and one well, not so hot. Sandler and his crew have done it again though, making comedy magic. It's a little over the top for kids but everyone should enjoy this. As an Adam Sandler movie I give it 5/5. But as far as comedies as a whole. 4/5 -tom

The Road (2009)

"Thank God for cheetohs"

Viggo Mortensen stars in this post apocolyptic tale of a father and son trying to survive in a world that caught fire. All is dead except for a few. The ones that remain are mainly cannibals. No names are given, it is simply man and boy who travel the United States in search of food, shelter, and hope. The trailer for this movie does not do it justice and is somewhat misleading which is why I feel a lot of people did not like this movie. Bottom line it is a story of father and son and at what means will you go to protect the ones you love. It is dark, farely quiet, and eerie. Director John Hillcoat graciously adapts Cormac McCarthy's beautiful novel to film with a few minor changes which is typical from a book to film adaptation. It was good to see Robert Duvall appear as the old man they meet on their travels in such a short but mezmerizing performance. This movie is not for children and needs to be viewed with and open mind and heart. It celebrates human life and lets you know whats worth living for and whats worth dying for. It is a tale for which you have never seen and one you wont forget. 4/5 -tom

She's Out of My League (2010)

" Who brought the good news bear, somebody get her some fucking honey!"

This movie follows the hard times of Kirk(Jay Baruchel), an airport security agent who has very bad luck with the ladies. Kirk meets Molly(Alice Eve), a successful business woman who leaves her phone at the airport which is found by Kirk. For finding her phone Molly asks Kirk on a date which his friends can't believe because Molly is a 10 in guy standards while they consider Kirk only a 5. Molly is introduced to the family which is everyones worst nightmare, his buddies, and his newly shaved... well I'll let you figure that out. The storyline for this movie is familiar, so they're not exactly breaking new ground for comedies. This movie however does stand on its own. A lot of good laughs and the characters are very likeable. Its a sweetheart comedy with a dirty mind. In the spirit of "American Pie" and "Knocked Up" this movie delivers and is sure to put a smile on your face.3/5

Greenberg (2010)

" I hope I die before I meet one of you in a job interview"

This is not your typical Ben Stiller movie at all. Stiller steps away from his usual safe roles and tries something different. Tries and succeeds. Roger Greenberg portrayed beautifully by Stiller is a manic depressive, lonely, and insecure early forty something New Yorker Greenberg is asked to watch over his younger and more successful brothers house in California. He meets Florence (Greta Gerwig), his brothers assistant and nanny, who is for all intents and purposes, a lost soul. Greenberg attempts to reconnect with lost friends, including Ivan (Rhys Ifans). Greenberg attempts to build a dog house for his brothers dog, puts up with the greedy neighbors using his brother's pool, and joins a party with a bunch twenty-somethings and ends up doing a line of cocaine in one of the funniest scenes of the film. Greenberg is content with doing nothing baring his own sarcasm as a means to an end. It is a shame more people did not see this, it is the Indie sleeper hit of 2010. Stiller and Gerwig both deserve nominations for their potrayals. This movie is not for everyone. As an Indie movie fan I enjoyed it a lot. It shows the fear of getting older, loves lost, and the redemption of one man whos trying to find himself. In short, Greenberg is a masterpiece but sadly one that will not get the recognition it deserves. 5/5 -tom

Inglourious Basterds (2009)

"Say Goodbye To Your Nazi Balls!"

One thing I can honestly say about the works of Quentin Tarantino, is that you either love them or you don't. For example, I love "Kill Bill pt. 1" but don't care for "Kill Bill pt. 2. I love "Pulp Fiction" and "Resevoir Dogs" but thought "Death Proof" was too wordy. With this in mind, I hesitated on if I should see "Inglourious Basterds." I have to say, I loved this movie from start to finish. Rarely am I so enthralled that my eyes are glued to the screen and I'm not caught flipping through a magazine or checking my Facebook. The dialog was clever and often hilarious and was delivered expertly by the cast. Speaking on that, I was surprised to see so many character actors that I recognized. And was that Mike "Austin Powers" Myers in a Tarantino movie? Brad Pitt stands out as Lt. Aldo Raine as does German actor Christoph Waltz as Col. Hans Landa, "The Jew Hunter". Everyone in this movie is fantastic. It was violent, but not as over the top and some of Tarantino's other works and only in a couple of scenes. It jumps back and forth a lot, much like his other films but it is much easier to follow this time around. Beware! if you are not a fan of foreign films, nearly half this movie is in German with subtitles. Don't let that turn you away though, because you'd be missing a tense, intelligent thriller and war film. 5/5 -andy.

Brooklyn's Finest (2010)

"Snitch, say some shit!"

Antoine Fuqua directs this police drama about NYPD Cops. Richard Gere plays Eddie Dugan, a cop on the verge of retirement, lonely, depressed, and angry at the badge he wears. Don Cheadle plays Tango, an undercover officer who knows in his heart he's been undercover to long and needs out. Tango befriends Caz (played by Wesley Snipes) who saved Tango from being stabbed while undercover in Prison. Last but not least we have Ethan Hawke as Sal the cop whos just trying to make ends meet and is not above breaking the law to feed his family and put a better roof over their heads. This movie shows how their lives intertwine through the tough and beaten down streets of Brooklyn. The standouts for me in this movie are Gere who is doing something here I have havent seen from since "SHALL WE DANCE," he is completley in his character and gives a great performance. Don Cheadle once again shines along with Wesley Snipes, who is making his return to film after a real life incarceration. Hawke's character however was the downfall of this movie, although he's usually good we're just getting the same old Ethan Hawke. Its like his character from "TRAINING DAY" arrived in Brooklyn after Denzel made him smoke it up in the car. Fuqua tries but overall " BROOKLYN'S FINEST" is not his finest. This movie would be a good character study and has some wonderful performances but overall watch it only if you have nothing else. 1/5- tom

Cop Out (2010)


"Whats a dickey - doo?"

This could quite possibly be the best buddy cop movie comedy. Bruce Willis (Jimmy) and Tracy Morgan (Paul) play police detectives on the hunt for Jimmy's missing baseball card he was going to use to pay for his daughters wedding. The card gets stolen during a robbery by Dave (Sean William Scott), who sold the card to a drug lord named Poh Boy. Poh Boy is a baseball fanatic and tells Jimmy and Paul they can have the card back if they find Poh Boys missing Mercedes with a very "valuable" item inside. The two agree and the fun begins. Director Kevin Smith pulls no punches here in this laugh til you cry comedy. Willis and Morgan are great together and with an all star cast including Kevin Pollack, Adam Brody, and Jason Lee this film just won me over. From the car thieving cussing kid, to Morgan thinking his wife is cheating on him and recruiting a teddy bear to do the dirty work, and Willis and Lee's bitter rivalry. Cop Out is a fun, fun , fun movie. As comedies for adults go they don't get much better. 4/5 -tom

Twilight (2008)

"I'm not affraid of you"

Bella (Kristen Stewart) is a lonely teenage girl who goes to live with her father in a small Washington town. Being the new kid she befriends Edward( Robert Pattinson), but Edward has a secret ... he's a vampire along with his entire family. Edward's family, however, are "GOOD" vampires feeding on animals and not humans. Bella finds out and a whirlwind ensues. She is taken in by Edward's family although she is human. Edward and Bella fall in love. Ah, but wait!! You forgot about the "BAD" vampires, three to be exact. One of which is a Tracker who hunts down human prey based on scent. Oh boy. This movie felt like it was an after school special. I tried to give it the benefit of the doubt, and it could have been a good story. Although it took a lot of elements form Tristan and Isolde and Tuck Everlasting and just threw vampires into the mix the acting was stale and the relationship was not believable. The only standout performance for me was the father of Bella played by Billy Burke who was the towns Chief of Police. This movie just bounced around to much and took what could have been a good book to film translation and ruined it. If your a woman most likely you'll like this, but for guys stay away...Unless she asks you too.1/2 - tom

The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009)

"I used to be good, but not anymore Bella"

Far better than its predecessor, which surprised me, I was thinking it would be the same. This time around we find Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson), picking up close to where the last movie left off. Edward fearing for Bella's safety after recent occurrences leaves Bella and goes to Italy with his family. Heart broken, she turns to a long time friend Jacob(Taylor Lautner) and with Edward out of the picture Jacob tries to express his love for Bella while protecting her from vampires that wish to do her harm. *SPOILER ALERT* He's a HULK size wolf, which sounds a little cheesy but it works on screen. Now I am not a fan of the 1st Twilight... at all but this gives hope. So if your a guy who gets sucked into watching one of these movies, this would be the one. The acting is better, story is better, and to me it felt like a 180 degree turn for the series. 2/5 - tom

Dear John (2010)

"No matter where you are in the world,the moon is never bigger than your thumb. "

Dear John is your typical boy meets girl love story, but yet it's a breath of fresh air. Rising stars Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried star as John and Savannah. John is a solider home on leave who meets Savannah on the Carolina shores. The cinematography alone in this movie is worth watching. Both Tatum and Seyfried give strong performances and the relationship should captivate audiences. Savannah is introduced to John's father (played by Richard Jenkins) who gives an award worthy performance as an autistic rare coin collector. He loves his son but doesn't know how to communicate his love. Henry Thomas stars as Tim Wheddon, father to an autistic boy named Alan, who Savannah cares for which also helps strengthen the relationship between John and his father. The formula for this movie may be seen as tiresome to most and will probably get overlooked by many, however, Dear John is at heart a human story about love found and taken away and we've all been there one way or another. It is without a doubt one of the best romances put on screen in some years. 3/5 -tom

Friday, July 23, 2010

Die Hard (1988)

"Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker."

This movie stars Bruce Willis as John McClane, an NYPD Officer visiting his wife (played by Bonnie Bedelia) during a Christmas party at her workplace in Los Angeles. The workplace just happens to be the Nakatomi Tower, a breathtaking skyscraper in downtown. His marriage on the rocks, McClane is determined to make things right with his wife. Then a group of terrorists enter the building and hold everyone hostage... except one. John McClane. Now Willis, who at the time was questioned on being an action star, delivers here. He is a one man army trapped in a building of terrorists trying to save his wife. He is aided by Sgt. Al Powell (played by Reginald Vel Johnson) via radio. Powell is an LAPD officer who stumbles on to the situation. The chemistry between Willis and Johnson is comical at times and there is a mutual respect between the two. Willis is tough and hard and Johnson is fasinated by twinkies but the relationship works. The terrorists are headed by Alan Rickman who creates one of the most sinister villians in action movies, Hans Gruber. Rickman pulls no punches and although many over the years have tried to duplicate his performance few have succeeded. Die Hard is fun. Bottom line, even if you do not like action movies it carries a little of everything and once it starts strap in, you're in for one wild ride. 4/5 -tom

Ultimate Montage

In a few weeks Stallone's "The Expendables" comes out. For those who don't know, "The Expendables" is a celebration of the 80s action flicks many of us 20-30 somethings grew up on. To celebrate "The Expendables", Lets All Go To The Movies is going to be doing a series of 80s Action flick reviews. This will all start either this weekend or on Monday, so stay tuned! To prime you for 80s Action Week, here is a montage of Awesome 80s films set to the tune of "Eye of the Tiger". ENJOY!!

Introduction from one of the two guys from Ohio

Movie lovers welcome, I'm Tom from Ohio and like Andy said were here to give you unbiased reviews to help you with your movie going experience. My goal here is to be the medium. I am your typical male moviegoer who loves action and andventure movies... but im not prejudice towards other genres, I'm open to everything from horror, romance, suspense, and drama. I hope you find our reviews helpful and were more than happy to hear feedback, and dont forget to tell your friends and family via facebook, myspace, or twitter. Thank you in advance for your support.

And So It Begins....

Welcome to Lets All Go To The Movies w/ Two Guys From Ohio. I'm Andy and here you will find unbiased and fair Film reviews. Eventually I would love to incorporate Television and a variety of other electronic entertainment mediums. My partner in crime is Tom. We will provide our opinions on current and older films while examining what works and what doesn't within these films. We are in very early stages, so be patient and soon we'll be up and rolling!!
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