Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fletch (1985)

"C'mon guys, it's all ball-barings now"

CRITIC'S PICK OF THE WEEK (Blast from the past)
"Fletch" is Chevy Chase at his best; the Chevy Chase we all know and love. He plays Fletch, a reporter who writes under the name, "Jane Doe", trying to undercover the source behind the drug trade and killings in LA. Chase brings to the camera more memorable characters than most do in a lifetime and all in one film!! .From Gordon Liddy the airplane repair man, to Harry S. Truman the life insurance salesman, and Dr. Cock-to-tson' with a hyphen. Fletch is offered $50,000 from a wealthy businessman who assumes Fletch is a bum on the beach. Kill me ,take the money and run, and dont come back for at least three years. But why? Fletch will find out. This is Chase's finest film in my opinion and one of the funniest movies ever. I love the character... well the character's he portrays. A sequel was made called "Fletch Lives", and while not as funny as the original still fun to watch. So if your in the mood for a comedy from the 80's "Fletch" is the ticket. 5/5 -tom

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