Saturday, July 24, 2010

Brooklyn's Finest (2010)

"Snitch, say some shit!"

Antoine Fuqua directs this police drama about NYPD Cops. Richard Gere plays Eddie Dugan, a cop on the verge of retirement, lonely, depressed, and angry at the badge he wears. Don Cheadle plays Tango, an undercover officer who knows in his heart he's been undercover to long and needs out. Tango befriends Caz (played by Wesley Snipes) who saved Tango from being stabbed while undercover in Prison. Last but not least we have Ethan Hawke as Sal the cop whos just trying to make ends meet and is not above breaking the law to feed his family and put a better roof over their heads. This movie shows how their lives intertwine through the tough and beaten down streets of Brooklyn. The standouts for me in this movie are Gere who is doing something here I have havent seen from since "SHALL WE DANCE," he is completley in his character and gives a great performance. Don Cheadle once again shines along with Wesley Snipes, who is making his return to film after a real life incarceration. Hawke's character however was the downfall of this movie, although he's usually good we're just getting the same old Ethan Hawke. Its like his character from "TRAINING DAY" arrived in Brooklyn after Denzel made him smoke it up in the car. Fuqua tries but overall " BROOKLYN'S FINEST" is not his finest. This movie would be a good character study and has some wonderful performances but overall watch it only if you have nothing else. 1/5- tom

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