Saturday, July 24, 2010

Twilight (2008)

"I'm not affraid of you"

Bella (Kristen Stewart) is a lonely teenage girl who goes to live with her father in a small Washington town. Being the new kid she befriends Edward( Robert Pattinson), but Edward has a secret ... he's a vampire along with his entire family. Edward's family, however, are "GOOD" vampires feeding on animals and not humans. Bella finds out and a whirlwind ensues. She is taken in by Edward's family although she is human. Edward and Bella fall in love. Ah, but wait!! You forgot about the "BAD" vampires, three to be exact. One of which is a Tracker who hunts down human prey based on scent. Oh boy. This movie felt like it was an after school special. I tried to give it the benefit of the doubt, and it could have been a good story. Although it took a lot of elements form Tristan and Isolde and Tuck Everlasting and just threw vampires into the mix the acting was stale and the relationship was not believable. The only standout performance for me was the father of Bella played by Billy Burke who was the towns Chief of Police. This movie just bounced around to much and took what could have been a good book to film translation and ruined it. If your a woman most likely you'll like this, but for guys stay away...Unless she asks you too.1/2 - tom

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  1. I want to add a little bit to tom's review here. First, I completely agree with everything he had to say about "Twilight". My biggest issue with this entire series are those who feel its such a great and original story. As tom pointed out, however, it takes many elements from other more classic stories than it does create something new. Also, its not like its the first time Vampires have been at odds with Werewolves or even other Vampires.


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