Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Over The Top (1987)

"The world meets nobody half way"

Stallone stars as Lincoln Hawks. Truck driver by day and professional arm wrestler by night. Faced with obstacles in his marriage by his menacing father-in-law played by Robert Loggia, Hawks is forced to leave his wife and two year old son. Now ten years later, his wife who is struggling for her life asks Lincoln to take their son on the road with him and try to give him the father he has never had. Spoiled by his rich grandfather his son is not at all thrilled by his fathers lifestyle as a truck driver. Loggia without knowledge of his daughters decision sends his men after Hawks to reclaim his grandson. Hawks then introduces his son to arm wrestling leading to an all out brawl at the national competitions held in Las Vegas.

Overall this is one of the best characters Stallone has portrayed. While the idea of a professional arm wrestling organization may seem far fetched it actually does exist. The story is original and low key for the most part for being portrayed as an "action film". The competitions are fun to watch with some interesting characters and Loggia as the insane grandfather is a wonderful villain. The film almost feels like it was made in the 70s until mullets and handlebar mustaches are introduced. I enjoyed watching this film but if I had to break it down it was a mix of "Commando", "Rocky 5", and "The Pursuit of Happiness" rolled in one. It is the best arm wrestling movie ever made. Wait... Its the only one. 3.5/5 -tom


  1. I have made so many jokes about this movie over the years. The audacity of a movie that has Stallone arm wrestling for custody of his kid must be respected.

  2. I have never seen it but I remember the poster from when I was younger. Yes, anyone who would participate in a film with this plot has brass balls. I always say even the films that the general public considers to be the worst can often offer us atleast moments of laugh out loud humor - especially if the film in question was never intended to be funny.

  3. "Meet me halfway, across the sky"... And I was just thinking about making this my career choice... Actually, this movie was in MY top 10 for a long time. I think that I never really put the arm wrestling for custody together. Maybe it is the fact that my step-dad loved this movie also, when I was growing up. I still own this movie, and have watched it(maybe nostalgically) a couple times.


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