Friday, August 6, 2010

The Bounty Hunter (2010)

"I'm dead seri"

Milo Boyd (Gerard Butler), a bounty hunter who has run a streak of bad luck, gets assigned to hunt own his bail-jumping ex-wife. She is Nicole Hurly (Jennifer Aniston) , a reporter who is on the trail of a murder cover up. Now when married the two didn't exactly get along so this is a dream job for Milo and couldn't come at a worse time for Nicole. When Milo confronts Nicole she runs, and while Nicole runs from Milo, the people involved with the murder are after Nicole. It is a cat and mouse game from there on out.

I had high expectations for this movie because I enjoy these two actors in most of their works but something was off here. Sure there was some good humor but at nearly two hours the story fizzles and your just kind of begging for it to be over. Butler is the stronger of the two but after the first hour he can't save this film and Aniston who I thought had dumped the "Rachel" role persona and finally moved on has picked it back up. Its worth a watch if there is nothing else and its not a terrible comedy, I just expected more. I recommend "The Proposal" with Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock it is a more full-filling couples comedy and a hell of a good time. So "The Bounty Hunter", I wish I could give more but I just can't. 1.5/5 -tom

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