Sunday, August 1, 2010

F/X (1986)

"You were great. Nobody dies like you!"

Ok, so you may ask yourself, "Is something missing from this review?" You would be correct in that assumption. This movie is so rare and unheard of that there isn't even a trailer for it on Youtube. The strange thing is, however, I found a trailer for its sequel. Moving on... A few days ago I found myself searching for 80s Action films that I could watch and review to finish out the week. One of these lists had "F/X" on it and I remembered seeing it at the video store when I was younger. I asked Tom if he had seen it and he replied that he remembered it slightly and that he felt he didn't like what he remembered of it but to give it a shot and let you all know what I thought. Well, after viewing the movie I can safely say I really enjoyed myself. I'm a little afraid to see the sequel or the TV series that was based on it for fear it would ruin the experience. Bryan Brown plays Roland Tyler, the newest and best make-up effects wizard in Hollywood. Roland is hired by the Witness Relocation Program to fake the death of mob boss Nicholas DeFranco (Law and Order's Jerry Orbach) for $30,000 so DeFranco can in turn safely testify against the mob. Everything goes off without a hitch until immediately afterwards when one of the men Roland was working for tries to kill him. His life is turned upside down he goes on the run, using hits wits and talents as an effects man to learn the truth and clear his name.

A nice supporting cast brings up the rear with a great performance by Brian Dennehy as Lt. McCarthy, the cop who brought in Defranco in the first place. McCarthy has a bad feeling and just can't let this case go. He risks his career to find out what is really going on but his intentions are good and you can't help but like him. The film has this "The Game" meets "Oceans 11" vibe and if that doesn't make sense at first, you'll know what I mean by the end. Its nothing overwhelmingly special, but if you see it in the bargain bin or for a cheap rental you should really check it out. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. 3/5 -andy

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