Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Stripes (1981)

"Solider, Ive noticed your always last"- "I'm pacing myself"

John Winger (Bill Murray) seems to be going nowhere in life. The older he gets it seems the more he loses. With no other options, John, along with his best friend Russell Ziskey (Harold Ramis) decide to join the Army together. They are introduced to a slew of oddball characters and form a rag tag Army unit which seems almost destined for failure led by the almost to serious Sgt Hulka(Warren Oates). While Hulka teaches them survival,courage, and disipline, John introduces the boys to mud wrestling, drinking, and chasing women. The two go head to head in a private war and the Army will never be the same.

Bill Murray and Harold Ramis are at their comedy best here raising the bar for 80s comedies. With a supporting cast including John Candy, Judge Reinhold, John Laroroquette, and Sean Young ,"Stripes" is comedy not to be missed. Directed by Ivan Reitman who has over the years been involved in many comedy favorites including "I Love You, Man", "Road Trip", "Private Parts", and "Old School". "Stripes" is a comedy gem created from the ealry SNL days and one every comedy fan needs to have in their collection. 4/5-tom

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