Monday, August 9, 2010

Tommy Boy (1995)

"Ugh, I can actually hear you getting fatter."

Tommy Callahan (Chris Farley) has just recently graduated college after almost 7 years, narrowly passing his final exam with a D, and is on his way home to Sandusky, Ohio to work at his father's car parts factory. Big Tom Callahan (Brian Dennehy) is pushing hard for his new break parts division saying it will 'revolutionize the auto parts industry'. Having exhausted all possible loans and after being told no, Big Tom the consummate salesman is able convince the bank to loan him more money to get his break parts division up and running. When Tommy gets home Big Tom reveals to him that he is to be married the following weekend to Beverly (Bo Derek) and that Beverly has a son, Paul (Rob Lowe) who will be Tommy's new brother. Unfortunately, Big Tom passes away during the reception and everyones future's are left in question. Tommy must go on his dad's sales trip in an effort to save the company and is accompanied by Richard (David Spade), who can't stand Tommy, to make sure that Tommy doesn't royally screw up.

If you haven't seen "Tommy Boy" then shame on you. One of the best comedies of all time that just gets better and better every time you see it. Chris Farley was at his peak here and the crux of the film is his relationship with David Spade and the insults that fly from either side. The supporting cast turns in performances that are just as funny as the the main cast which makes the entire film such a delight. There is real heart here which I think is what elevates it to something a little more than just being a 'funny' movie. The only downside is the sadness you sometimes feel watching it and realizing that Chris Farley only had a few more years left with which to entertain us. He never quite matched the hilarity of "Tommy Boy" nor the success but he had such a charming personality I would've rather seen him live and make mediocre movies for the rest of his life. 4.5/5 -andy

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